A Herbalist Library

When you start on any new craft there are always go-to books. Beginner herbalists often find themselves curious about all the different ways to practice herbalism or ways to just dabble. Whether you’re interested in growing medicinal herbs, creating herbal medicine or becoming an herbal practitioner, there’s a book for you! Here are some staples that … Continue reading A Herbalist Library

Herbalist Library: Historical References

Our ancestors cultivated a deep, rooted relationship with plants; they harvested plants in a ceremony, made herbal medicines with intention, and passed along traditional plant knowledge to help future generations maintain wellness. In many cultures, this information was shared orally, through stories or an apprenticeship with a local healer. The books we do have on … Continue reading Herbalist Library: Historical References


Books are an invaluable resource for the home herbalist, and growing your home library over time is always a great idea. Having at least three herbal books or resources available is absolutely necessary when studying plants and creating a materia medica. Still, there are so many fantastic books available – where should you begin? Here are 6 herbal medicine books … Continue reading HERBAL MEDICINE BOOKS WORTH THE INVESTMENT

Aromatherapy Herb Garden.

One of the aspects we enjoy about growing herbs is the scent. Aroma is very evocative, and aromatherapy is growing in importance today. This garden has been designed not to create one's own oils, which is a complex process, but to have those aromas around that help our everyday lives, and to make an attractive … Continue reading Aromatherapy Herb Garden.

A Few Handy Tips!

Flowerpot Sterilizer. Just because a flowerpot is used and dirty, you do not need to toss it. Whether clay, plastic, or ceramic, the pot can be superficially cleaned with a strong blast from a garden hose. If the pot has white, crusty mineral deposits, scrape them off with an old knife {scraping clay pots will … Continue reading A Few Handy Tips!

Night Gardens: Moon Garden.

If you will be spending time outdoors at night, why not plan your garden to put on a good show when the sun goes down? One type of evening garden contains white and pastel flowers that are visible at night. As the twilight deepens, the vivid reds, blues, oranges, and purples that stand up so … Continue reading Night Gardens: Moon Garden.


Tomato seedlings that were planted neatly near garden stakes are already beginning to take matters into their own hands, and if allowed to grow willy nilly will turn into a tangled mass of vines with tomato fruits many of them rotting-hidden in a dark jungle of stems. So, if you were planning to stake and … Continue reading HERE’S WHAT’S AT STAKE with YOUR TOMATO CROP.

Garden Soil Care: Compost.

Compost is the best all-natural soil amendment you can use. It contains valuable plant nutrients and plant disease-fighting organisms, and it also makes soil moisture-retentive and easier to till. Best of all, compost is free when you make your own. You can make compost in a bin {3 feet square is ideal} or simply pile … Continue reading Garden Soil Care: Compost.

Planning Your Garden Electronically.

As the Internet continues to grow and new varieties of plants become available, it can sometimes become a daunting task in locating reputable vendors that offer plants or other gardening services or supplies online. Websites seemingly pop up overnight and promises are made of "guaranteed to grow in your garden" offers. How can you sort … Continue reading Planning Your Garden Electronically.

Poultry Folklore

black chicken always has a pale white skin. A brood will be successful if you set your hen on Monday. A chicken crossing your path will bring you bad luck. A chicken hatched during the spring will lay every other day. A crowing hen is the sign of bad luck. A fight between two roosters … Continue reading Poultry Folklore