Lilacs In Containers.

Very small gardens, balconies, decks and rooftops are ideal places for growing lilacs in containers. The smallest varieties of container lilacs are basically bonsai. Select any small or dwarf lilac for growing in containers. Some of the lilacs that are most suited for growing in containers include S. oblata subsp. dilatata, S. meyeri, S. pubescens, S. patula … Continue reading Lilacs In Containers.

Growing Garden Lilacs.

You need to consider several things before you choose a lilac. First of all, you need to select the color of lilac flowers and also the site where you will like to grow the plant. While these are important aspects, the climate is even more vital provided you are living in a region that is … Continue reading Growing Garden Lilacs.

Renovating And Moving Lilacs.

In case you have not pruned your favorite lilacs for several years and want to spruce them up, be sure that you will have do cope with a miniature jungle of suckers. In fact, pruning the lilac heavily will promote growth of more suckers. Hence, you need to prune a dense and unkempt lilac from … Continue reading Renovating And Moving Lilacs.

Pruning Lilacs.

Lilacs need to be pruned regularly - at least once a year. When you prune your lilacs on a regular basis, it helps the plants to bloom profusely each year and also remain in your desired shape and size. In addition, regular pruning of the plants help them to remain healthy and bear large bunches … Continue reading Pruning Lilacs.