Propagation Of Roses.

Propagation denotes developing new plants and, like in any other field, it is considered to be a wonderful pleasure in the world of horticulture. In fact, propagation is one of the basics of horticulture. Irrespective of whether one is growing new plants from their seeds or by other techniques like budding, cutting or grafting, the end result … Continue reading Propagation Of Roses.

Propagating Roses From Stem Cuttings And Budding.

In this section, we will be discussing the common methods of propagating roses - budding and stem cutting. Stem Cuttings Propagating roses by means of stem cuttings is one of the simplest methods. This method involves just cutting the stem into small pieces and planting them right away into the growing medium. These stems will … Continue reading Propagating Roses From Stem Cuttings And Budding.