History Of The Rose.

Perhaps there is no other flower that has been loved by people so much or has been as popular as the rose throughout history. In fact, roses have been in existence much before humans, who later grew their beautiful flowers, drew wonderful pictures of the flowers and even commemorated them in their lore and music. … Continue reading History Of The Rose.

Miniature Roses’ Species.

With their elfin scale and ever-widening range of colors and forms, miniature roses appeal to gardeners of all ages. Their small size makes it possible to grow an extensive rose garden in a tiny space, either indoors in containers or outdoors in beds and borders. Most will bloom all year under indoor lighting, and most … Continue reading Miniature Roses’ Species.

Miniature Roses.

This variety of roses comprises smaller versions of other rose varieties and was initially bred for growing in containers. In fact, when we use the word miniature we actually refer to a relative value. The height of miniature rose shrubs may vary from just a few inches to about 18 inches (45 cm). On the other … Continue reading Miniature Roses.