COMMON NAME: colchicumGENUS: ColchicumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:C. speciosum. C. autumnale'Alba'- white. C.a.  'Majus'- large.C.a. 'Minus'- dwarf form. C.a. 'Roseum'- rose pink.FAMILY: LiliaceaeBLOOMS: FallTYPE: perennialDESCRIPTION: The flowers are lavender, red, or rose colored. They resemble crocus blooms and can be either single or double forms. The blossoms appear in fall but the leaves don't appear until spring and … Continue reading Colchicum.

Saint John’s Wort

COMMON NAME: Saint John's wortGENUS: HypericumSPECIES: H. calycinum, H. bookerianum, H. patulumFAMILY: HypericaceaeBLOOMS: summerTYPE: perennialDESCRIPTION: Saint John's wort is a low-growing, partly woody perennial that produces bright yellow flowers from early summer until frost. The flowers, which measure 1 1/2 to 2 inches across, occur in groups of five to seven. The plant reaches a … Continue reading Saint John’s Wort


COMMON NAME: verbenaGENUS: VerbenaSPECIES, HYBRID, CULTIVARS:V. bipinnatifida-light purple perennial: 3 inches tall. V. rigida-purplish blue perennial; 1 foot tall. V. rigida-'Flame'-red flowers from June through frost. V. canadensis-rose pink flowers from June through frost. V. venosa-purplish blue flowers; to 1 foot. V. hybrida-'Amethyst'-lavender blue; annual. V.b.-'Blaze'-scarlet; annual. V.b.-'Sangria'-wine colored; heat tolerant; annual; spreads 1 to … Continue reading Verbena