The Cattleya Alliance Orchids.

This widely available and easily grown group of orchids contains some of the showiest flowers in the family. It includes not only the familiar Cattleya but also the very similar Laelia and the highly variable Epidendrum and Encyclia. Lesser known in their own right, but valuable as parents in a complex assemblage of hybrids, are … Continue reading The Cattleya Alliance Orchids.

Orchid Glossary.

Alba: White form of a flower. AM: Award of Merit. Second-highest flower-quality award given by the American Orchid Society for plants scoring 79.5-89.4 award points. An AM can also be bestowed by the Royal Horticultural Society (AM/RHS). Angraecoid: Term used to describe the monopodial orchids that belong to the African Angraeceum orchids and their close relatives. AOS: American Orchid … Continue reading Orchid Glossary.

Propagation Of Orchids.

Propagating orchids by division, through offshoots, or by raising seedlings is easily within the realm of most home growers. The method you choose depends on the type of orchid and on how much time you want to devote to the process. Dividing Orchids The easiest method of creating new orchids is by division. When you … Continue reading Propagation Of Orchids.

Re-Potting Orchids.

There are two main reasons to re-pot your orchids, and they often, but not always, occur at the same time. First, an orchid needs to be re-potted if it gets too big for its pot. Orchids can have an extensive root system inside the pot and the potting mix, but they also typically have roots … Continue reading Re-Potting Orchids.

Light For Orchids.

Light is another critical factor in growing and inducing orchid plants to bloom. In fact, lack of adequate light is the chief reason for an orchid's failure to bloom. On the other hand, too much of a good thing is a problem, as well - for instance, when it results in sunburn. And although some … Continue reading Light For Orchids.